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      2. Welcome to the official website of Hengyuan Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd

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        About Us

        Lishui Hengyuan Bearing Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a professional research, manufacturing and sales of joint bearings and linear bearing series of enterprises. Products include centripetal, pole end, spherical joints, oil cylinder earrings, linear guide rails, sliders, linear bearings, etc.. They are widely used in the manufacture of various industrial machinery such as automation equipment, automobiles, engineering, textiles, tobacco, mining metallurgy, and robots. Many fields.
        The company is composed of a group of professional personnel in the domestic bearing industry, with superb technology, rich production experience and sensitivity to market requirements, to provide you with professional technical advice and after-sales service in the design, manufacturing, and maintenance process. And according to customer requirements to design, custom-made various non-standard, special bearing products, welcome to inquire! The company is based on the 
        principle of excellence, perfection and perfection. To provide first-class products, first-class services, reasonable prices for our customers, we are confident that with our sincerity and sincerity will be able to gain your trust



        Three core advantages


        CSK comprehensive strength

        10 years to provide automation equipment solutions, and according to the actual situation of customers, build and cost-effective products.
        To provide customers with a complete solution including multi axis control system, precision linear transmission parts and installation and commissioning.
        Each inspection report of precision grade guide rail and wire rod
        International famous brand agent, product quality guarantee

        Strong professional strength

        In the past 10 years, products and technologies have been widely used in precision measuring instruments and industrial automation product machinery;
        Datong Machinery, Liang Fa Ji, Iraq's secret, Biot Optoelectronics, League Optoelectronics and other world-renowned companies。
        Has a group of experienced product technology installation team

        Perfect service system

        Adopt the industry customer manager system, according to the customer's industry, dispatch and form a service team with its own large warehouse, long-term cooperation professional logistics partners, shorten the delivery period
        Unique 3 free service support system, let you choose no worries
        01 Free on-site technical guidance
        02 Free on-site installation
        03 Free Technical Data Download Service



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